Welcome to Giraffe Research & Conservation Trust

The Giraffe Research & Conservation Trust (GRCT) is Africa’s first charitable organisation dedicated to giraffe research and conservation. We work hard to establish, manage and expand giraffe research and conservation projects across Africa, with a focus on sustainable conservation of viable giraffe populations in the wild.

It is widely believed that giraffe are not a conservation priority and that their populations are stable in the wild. Unfortunately this is not the case; recent research and new population figures for wildlife demonstrate a marked decline in giraffe numbers, with some scientists reporting up to an 80% decline in particular populations over the past ten years. 

There are currently nine recognised subspecies of giraffe across Africa; two of these are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Redlist and several of the other subspecies are currently under review and are also likely to be recognised as in need of conservation efforts.

Our mission is to carry out essential research on giraffe populations in the wild with a view to developing long-term conservation programmes. We also focus largely on community involvement and education, since we wish to inspire the leaders of tomorrow and ensure our work is effective to secure a future for giraffe in the wild, whilst also benefiting the communities that surround them.

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